So, I recently plotted out my week.  Everyday (yes even weekends) starts out with me waking up at 5am.  I have 30 minutes to get up, eat breakfast, wake up, and then I start sketching.  It has always been best for me to do anything and all things creative first thing in the morning, before anything gets in the way.  The moment I start getting dressed, my work brain clicks on and it’s time to get moving, get going, get thinking about business (not art business stuff).

So, I plotted out certain things that happen everyday:

Sundays – recreate pages from prominent comic artists (right now copying Chris Samnee and Jason Latour)

Mondays – recreate a thumbnail version of an action/narrative sequence.

Tuesdays – anatomy practice

Wednesdays – Draw a room/exterior from a magazine

Thursdays – anatomy practice

Friday – Fan Art (draw a favorite comic character)

Saturday – Sexy Saturday – draw a sexy lady.


The whole idea of a schedule is so that certain things get done.  Like any list, if you do the things on the schedule – things will progress.  Now, keep in mind this is just skill building – practicing a certain move — this has nothing to do with making an actual comic — this is stuff that I do everyday to sharpen my teeth and keep the skill level up.

You’ll notice that the schedule is a mix of fun stuff and practical use: anatomy, drawing a room, narrative story telling.

Once you start recreating panels you’ll see how long things take – and how much detail is put into things – and you realize what separates the big boys from the small timers.

In Renaissance days – (and pre-renaissance) there was this idea of copying a master — this idea of copying these two guys is going to help me develop a style and stretch my muscles.  Eventually my own voice will emerge – but you have to start out copying somebody.

Of course as I’m drawing I’m thinking (I gotta get better at drawing clothes, I gotta practice my bone structure, I gotta get better at drawing houses, I gotta get better…) it’s a little intimidating but — what isn’t?

What’s your schedule?