This is a sort of online journal, check out the ride, how-to, blog on creating comics.  At this point I’ve created one mini-comic that is up on Comixology and Amazon (although that’s the same thing now).  The comic is called, “To Catch a Tooth.”  Originally it was a full length play that I wrote and directed a few years back.  And when I took Meltdown-U‘s comic class — I decided to adapt the story to a micro-14 page format.


The class was awesome, and I highly recommend it for anyone who is in LA (or who can commute to it on Wednesdays or Saturdays).  It’s amazing what you have at the end of the day.  You have an idea, and then you work at it like crazy (and boy is it a lot of work) – and then you have a book in your hand you can sell, publish, and hand to people when you meet them.  Brian Michael Bendis (kind of a big deal in the world of comics) – has a TUMBLR (that I have no idea how he keeps so active on) answered a newbie question:

Q: how do you get into the comics business?

A: Make a comic.  Boom.  You’re in the business.

I’m paraphrasing his answer (but that was pretty much it).  And it’s true.  I think so often we overcomplicate things.  So, if you have an idea – begin!



This blog will be about my baby steps and small starts as I begin my new comic.  I’ll share with anyone interested things I’m doing, trying out, and mistakes I’m making.

Feel free to ask questions.  And if you have feedback on the blog, I’d love to hear it.  You can always contact me at campbell (dot) dylan (at) gmail (dot) com.